Ride Information


New England Parkinson’s Ride

September 8, 2018

Choose from a 10, 30, 50, or 100 mile route. All rides begin and end at The Ball Park, Old Orchard Beach, Maine.

Riders of all ages and ability are welcome as long as they can ride safely.

Food, beverages, music & family activities will be available all day.

Bring your friends & family along to enjoy a fun day for a great cause!

All cyclists please note:

  • If you are bringing back or creating a team, please make sure that the Team Captain is the FIRST to register! All other members of a Team need to select “Join a Team” rather than register as an Individual.When searching for team name, use only a few letters and then select from the drop down box.
  • If you rode last year, your Team Fox password is still active as long as you use the same email address. Just plug it in when asked for a password at the beginning of the registration form. If you have forgotten it, there will be a “forgot password link” and a password reset will be immediately emailed to you. New cyclists will simply create a password. Please remember your password as that will also be your login to your Fundraising HQ.
  • If you are forming a team, please remember that All team members MUST fundraise individually so that we can track your minimum fundraising and VIP status. Your Individual fundraising will always show as part of the Team total!

Registration Types

Adult cyclist*:

Registrations fees are non-refundable. All adult cyclists must agree to raise a minimum of $150 for The Michael J Fox Foundation before Ride Day.  We truly hope that you will raise more for this all important cause and will give you the tools necessary to do that with your own Fundraising HQ. If you are one of the few who don’t intend to do additional fundraising, please consider making your $150 donation at the point of registration. All cyclists will be required to obey by the Rules of the Road and sign a Waiver during the registration process.


Register by April 15, 2018: $60 

(thru August 1, 2018) : $75 

(after August 1, if space is still available): $100

Teen cyclist*:

$25 Registration Fee for children ages 13 through 17 (as of Ride Day), non-refundable.  Although teen cyclists are not required to raise the minimum of $150, they are certainly encouraged to do so…after all, they too are here to help us find a cure! Teens will also be given their own online Fundraising Headquarters. Teen cyclists must agree to abide by the Rules of the Road, ride with a parent or adult guardian and submit the parental waiver form which will be emailed prior to the ride.


Youth riders*:

There is no charge for riders who are under the age of 13 (as of Ride Day) but ALL youth riders must register as a “cyclist”, even if they are riding on the back of or pulled by a parent’s bike. Unfortunately the registration system requires the use of a unique email address (frustrating we know) but you can create a free one on Gmail or Yahoo for this purpose. Youth cyclists are encouraged to do small fundraising events like lemonade stands or chores and will be given their own online Fundraising HQ, if you chose to use it. Of course all youth riders must ride with a parent or legal guardian, understand the Rules of the Road, and submit the parental waiver form which will be emailed prior to the ride.


Can’t ride with us this year…or are busy volunteering…

Ride Virtually!

VIRTUAL RIDERS:  $10 Registration Fee, non-refundable. Ride in your own hometown, at your own pace, on your own timeline. Get your spin class involved or do virtuallyanything that supports our motto to LIVE.RIDE.CURE! No minimum required but use your online Fundraising HQ and raise $150 by Ride Day to receive the official 2018 Ride T-shirt! 


2016 Team Axiom in Switzerland!

*Registration fees cover things like rest stops, bib numbers, official 2018 t-shirt, and food, drink & entertainment at the Finish Line After Party!