Frequently Asked Questions

Although we are not able to offer a searchable FAQ site at this time, we did want to post the answers to at least the most frequently asked questions.  Please check back often as new questions will be posted and updates will be made!

If you have questions that are not answered here, please contact us at  Thank you for your patience as we grow!

Is there a Fee to register for the ride?

The standard Adult Registration Fee is $75 (Early Birds before 4/15 are $60 and Late Registrations after 8/1 are $100).Teen Registration Fee (ages 13-17) is $25.  There is no fee for youth riders under the age of 13 but all youth and teen riders must be accompanied by an adult family member (or have a notarized permission slip to ride with someone else).  Since 100% of the funds raised by cyclists goes directly to the Michael J Fox Foundation to be used for research toward a cure, the Registration Fee covers the actual operation of the ride….things like porta potties, food and drink at all rest stops and the start and end of the ride, t-shirts for all participants, entertainment and chip tracking technology.

Is there a minimum fund raising requirement?

Since the sole purpose of doing this ride is to raise funds and awareness for Parkinson’s Disease, all adult cyclists are required to raise a minimum of $150 for the Michael J. Fox Foundation. These funds must be raised before Ride Day. Teen and Youth riders, are not required to raise these funds but it is our sincere hope that this will be a learning opportunity for them to get involved in some capacity.  Even the youngest of them can have a lemonade stand, help at a yard sale, or do chores around the house or for neighbors and other family members.

Where can I buy tickets for the Pre-Ride Dinner?

We hold a Pre-Ride Dinner on Friday night at The Ballpark at Old Orchard Beach, the same location as the start/finish on Saturday. Tickets are available for purchase to all registered cyclists and volunteers. There are limited guest tickets also available. 

See details here.

Do all the rides start at the same place?

Yes, all rides start and end at The Ballpark at Old Orchard Beach.  Start times are as follows but please plan to arrive at least a 45 minutes early to sign in at the Registration Table.

100 Miles – 7:30

50 Miles – 9:00

30 Miles – 10:30

10 Miles – 11:30

Where can I get a map of the various routes?

Free Mapmyride downloads as well as turn by turn cue sheets are available under Maps and Directions. Please note, we are not able to print out maps for cyclists. All routes will be clearly marked but if you are more comfortable having a map with you, please print out before arriving at The Ballpark.

Am I required to wear a helmet?

Absolutely!  All cyclists (or parents of cyclists under age 18) are required to sign a Waiver and agree to abide by the Rules of the Road.

Is there someplace nearby where I can rent a bike for the ride?

Here are two reputable shops that cyclists have used in the past. Unfortunately they cannot offer a discount because margins are so small.

Gorham Bike and Ski in Saco and Portland

Allspeed Cyclery in Portland

What should I do if a donor would prefer to write a check rather than donating online?

In order to make sure that the funds are credited to you and the ride, the check should be made out to the Michael J Fox Foundation (or MJFF) and given or mailed to you. If you receive a check for $100 or less made out to the New England Parkinson’s Ride, simply write “Payable to MJFF” on the back. If the check is for a greater amount, please contact for instructions.

When you are ready to send in your checks, you will need to complete the MJFF Tracking Sheet (available under the Forms section of our website) and mail everything in to the address listed on the form. Please make absolutely sure that your name is large and legible at the top of the form so that you receive credit for the donations. Please note, the Michael J Fox Foundation cannot accept cash.

How can I send a link to my Personal Page in emails or FaceBook?

You were given an opportunity to create your own url when you first registered to ride. If you do not have that, go to our Home Page and click on the HQ LOGIN button at the top right. Login to your Team Fox fundraising page with the email and password you used to register. Follow the links to “create your personal url”. You can simply copy and paste that into emails and Facebook posts or create a hyperlink and rename it “My Personal Page” or whatever you like.  If you need help, please contact our friends at Team Fox directly at

Whatever you do, please DO NOT create a “fundraising event” on your Facebook Page. This will not allow friends and family to make donations directly to your personal fundraising page and there is no way for us to credit the funds to a particular rider.  We get one check several times a year with zero donor information.

You may also send donors directly to our website where they can simply search for a cyclist or team by clicking on the DONATE button on the top right hand side. From there they can “search for a cyclist” by putting in just a few letters of your name (or team name) and making the appropriate selection in the drop down box.

How do I access my fundraising HQ?

You will use your fundraising HQ through the Michael J Fox Foundation to make changes to your personal page, email donors, track fundraising, etc.

Simply use the red HQ LOGIN button on the top right of our Home Page.  You will be linked directly to the Team Fox page where you will login with the user name and password that you used to register for the Ride. If you have any trouble, please email our friends at

How do I access a list of my donors from this year and/or last year?

To get a list of your Donors:

  • Log in to your fundraising dashboard by clicking on the red “HQ Login on the top right of any page on our website.
  • Click “Donation Reports” on the left sidebar
  • This year’s donations will be listed first.
  • If you are looking for a list of those who donated last year, just scroll down until you see “Donations made toward your goad (2017)
  • If you would like to download the list, simply click “Download as CSV” option on the right.

You can then save as an Excel spreadsheet if you prefer that over a csv.

If you have any trouble, please contact our friends at

Can I thank donors directly from my fundraising HQ?

To easily send thank-you emails to donors, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your fundraiser dashboard by clicking the HQ Login link in the top right
  • Click “Donation Reports” in the left sidebar
  • Locate the donor/donation you’d like to thank, and click “Send Email”
    (If the donor didn’t submit their email address, this option is unavailable.)
  • Type the message in the pop-up window, and click “Send Email”

Or if you would like to download a list of your donors and their email addresses to send through your personal email click on the “Download as CSV” option on the right.

If you have any trouble please contact our friends at

My company has a Matching Funds Program, how do I handle that?

Because Team Fox deals with thousands of events and participants, it is difficult for them to appropriately credit matching funds to a specific cyclist, especially when they are mailed directly to The Michael J Fox Foundation.  Although the funds still go to research, which is our ultimate goal, they may not reflect in the totals raised by the cyclist or the New England Parkinson’s Ride.

Since we are a 501c3 Charitable Organization, with our own Tax ID# it is much cleaner if these funds are directed to us where we can record them to your Team Fox account and forward on to the Michael J Fox Foundation.  Rest assured, 100% of the funds raised by cyclists will be fowarded directly to MJFF.

If you or one of your donors work for a company that has a Matching Funds policy, please make absolutely sure that your name is shown as the cyclist and list the recipient as:

The New England Parkinson’s Ride
PO Box 1124
Merrimack, NH  03054

Our Tax ID# is 45-2326338.  If they need a document from the IRS showing our status, or you have further question, please contact

Note: If the employer requires that the check is written out directly to MJFF, but please still have it mailed to the ride at the above address and make sure your name is indicated in the memo section.  The Tax ID for The Michael J Fox Foundation is #13-4141945.